You are Good Enough for Him

January 19, 2020

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Happy Sunday!

I distinctly remember the day I made an indubitable experience of the Incarnation. The day was unusually challenging, one of those days when I just couldn’t get anything right. With my saddened spirit, I went to Jesus and told Him the mounting list of things gone wrong. As I prayed, He transformed my prayer into a walk with Mary.

We were on the road to Bethlehem. She sat on a donkey, and I was walking next to her holding the reins attached to the donkey’s bridle. It was late evening and the night sky filled with stars. I could hear the rocks moving under my feet as we walk along the dirt road. She invited me to tell her everything. I poured out my woes as she remained silent, listening. Nearing the end of my disclosure, I muttered, head bowed down with a long sigh as I felt the emptiness fill my stomach, “I guess I’m just not good enough.”

The donkey stopped abruptly. Mary slowly dismounted, walked around the front of the donkey and stood in front of me. She placed my hand on her rounded tummy and gently counseled, “Tell Him.” I knelt down and slowly whispered to the baby encased in her womb, “I’m not good enough.” I waited there for a response.

It was Mary’s hand that scooped up my chin and lifted me toward her. Ever so close to me, she gazed into my eyes and announced, “You are good enough for Him to become a baby.”

Please count on my love and prayers for you!

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