Dignity Chair

February 2, 2020

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Happy Sunday!

I must tell you the sweetest thing! My five-year-old godson, Matthew, attends a lovely Montessori preschool in Kansas. When his parents first interviewed the director of the school, his mother discovered a beautifully decorated chair located in a prominent place in the main school room. She asked the director if it was the children’s time out chair. The director responded with this:

“Oh, no! The chair is not a timeout chair; it’s the Dignity Chair. When a child misbehaves it’s not because they are bad, they’ve just temporarily forgotten who they are. The children are invited to sit in the Dignity Chair to remember.”

Does that not just grab your heart?!

How do you remember who you are when things go awry?

“Jesus, tell me who I am to you.”
Reflection Prayer

Please count on my love and prayers for you!


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