Bobcats and Jesus

March 1, 2020

Our yard is a mess! We hired a landscaper to install a new sprinkler system and replace our old worn-out yard with new sod. For days, we’ve had landscapers here trenching, digging, flattening, and moving dirt. 

The variety of small machinery and busyness around our house caught the attention of a little, eight-year-old neighbor boy. About two days ago, the landscaper and my husband were outside talking about the details of the renovation, when they noticed a little boy standing on the other side of the road. He was wearing work boots, camo pants, and gloves. Our landscaper, Brad, called out to the boy, “You wanna work?” The boy responded with a bright-eyed nod. Brad expanded his team to include this boy in the work, even paying him a few dollars for a job well done. The boy moved sod around the yard, raked dirt piles, and sometimes even got to sit on the BobCat and pretend he’s like Brad.

This morning, as I watched the little, gloved boy hard at work, I asked God what He wants to show me. Immediately, He offered, “It’s like us, Melissa. I called you from across the street. I invited you to work with Me to fulfill My design for humanity. I’ve given you the tools you need, encouragement, and trust. I desire you. And, I even let you have some fun pretending that you are doing it!” 

Oh, my. Isn’t that true! 

One of the projects Our Lord asked me to work on is a small resource for families called Connected, How Strong Family Relationships Lead to Internet-Safe Kids. Writing Connected was like working in the yard with Jesus. I felt a bit like the little boy in my yard might have felt. I took the project very seriously, sweating over each word, wondering if I was good enough to do it. Ultimately, what I discovered was that God already had the design and I was just moving dirt from one pile to the next!

If you or someone you know may benefit from building stronger relationships in an effort to protect children from online dangers, you can get the free ebook here: 

I am grateful for any feedback you have when you read it!

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